Have you got cashflow problems?

Cash flow problems in businesses are not new but some of our solutions are. When you are in the middle of a cash crisis it can be hard to make good decisions and so we have developed some computer models to try to isolate the problems and then focus our minds on the specific issues which are able to be changed.

Our forecasting software helps us see where a client will be at the end of the financial year given certain events that have taken place so far and what we expect in the coming months. These models have been modified over the last 15 years to accurately forecast cash flow, profit and financial position. When we input monthly sales, purchases and overheads the computer can immediately give us a good idea of the resulting cash position, profit and balance sheet. If these outcomes are not satisfactory or in line with our client’s targets we then examine the effect of changes in one or more of the KPIs to see whether this will produce a more desirable result. Then we try to assess whether these various assumptions are realistic and achievable. Sometimes improvements in stock control and debtors control can produce surprising results.

Knowing where you are going is not only re-assuring but essential to achieve the outcomes that you desire. Not only that, if you require funding from the bank they will most probably want to see that you have done your homework and that the venture is going to work out for them as well. Analysing proposed expenditure will help to predict the effect on the business’s cash flow and profit at the time the decisions are being contemplated. It is much more expensive to get out of a situation than it is to get into it. Planning is about controlling your future. We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your life goals. Why not make a start by contacting us now?