Our Services

Over the years we have expanded the range of our services to meet the changing demands of our clients. As accountants and business advisers our role has changed in response to the way business now operates and the legislative requirements (burden) that is placed upon the business community. Complying with all relevant legislation is a basic requirement and as professionals it is fundamental to our business. However, our real value is in providing timely management information to business owners and managers so that they can use their resources to maximise the return on their assets and, most importantly, their time.

Managing investments is an increasingly significant part of our business. As clients’ wealth increases it often becomes possible to invest outside the business and this diversification can protect the wealth accumulated over many years of hard work. Where these investments are placed is something that we take a great interest in. Over the last decade we have established a close association with Craigs Investment Partners. Using their expertise together with our knowledge of our clients has produced some very satisfying financial results and provided clients with the peace of mind that goes with financial security.


More specifically, our services include:

Compliance: Preparing financial accounts and forecasts, compiling returns of income, filing various returns to the Companies Office and completing statistical returns.

Taxation: Managing clients’ taxation matters including reviewing business structures so as to minimise the amount of tax paid and advising of coming tax instalments. Where necessary we deal directly with the Inland Revenue Department so as to protect the client’s interests. Paying the right amount of tax is important – paying too little can prove to be expensive in the long run and also give rise to many frustrations!

GST Returns: Using Banklink we can very economically prepare your GST Returns ready for your signature and file them with the IRD. Our system includes a number of checks and balances to try and ensure that the right amount of GST is paid.

Payroll Preparation: This necessary task can be undertaken by our skilled staff on your behalf. Our service includes payment of the net wages direct to the employees’ bank accounts as well as accounting for and paying PAYE, KiwiSaver and other deductions to the IRD.

Management Accounting: Producing financial reports on current trading results and balance sheets. Reports are focused and concise so as to provide the important information for busy management. We highlight KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which are relevant to your business.

Financial Forecasts: We have developed a sophisticated computer programme to show where a business may finish up at the end of the financial year if certain specified sales targets are achieved. As the year progresses the target figures are replaced with the achieved figures. We enjoy working with you to monitor the progress of the business and help plan its future.

Company Incorporation: We can attend to all matters associated with the formation of a company including recommended shareholdings and capital structure as well as registering the new company for GST, PAYE etc. Minutes documenting all aspects of the formation are prepared.

Computers Systems: We have expert staff who can advise you on the implementation of computer systems and the management of monthly reports and annual financial statements.

Debtors Ledgers: We can produce monthly debtors’ statements from your invoices and provide you with aged trial balances, sales reports and debtors control accounts.

Family Trusts: Over the years we have developed a good knowledge of family trusts and their administration. Many of our successful clients have established trusts to protect their family wealth and provide income and capital for future generations. Sometimes there can also be tax savings and we happy to discuss these options and various other financial planning opportunities with you.

Succession Planning: Over the years we have assisted many clients with the sale of their business and the introduction of family members into the business or indeed sales to third parties. This is a most important part of a business management practice such as ours. Experience with a range of clients has given us a good insight into business valuation. Our senior staff will be pleased to talk over the options with you.