Paperwork bogging you down?

We often find that clients enjoy doing their job but are not keen on attending to the paperwork. Unfortunately all businesses have a need for record keeping. The amount and type of records varies enormously between different types of businesses and also the size of the business. Today the demands of the IRD can be quite burdensome with a seemingly endless number of returns to be filed – GST, PAYE, and FBT – not to mention income tax. Also the Statistics Department have their own array of forms which must be completed.

Over the years we have developed systems for streamlining the completion of many of these forms. For many years our practice has used Banklink to electronically supply clients’ bank statement information direct to our computers. This arrangement massively reduces the amount of data we need to key into our computer software. With this process taking place automatically there is less possibility of error and we do not have to deal with missing bank statements. These saving are passed on to the client because our involvement in the job is substantially lower and we find that the jobs flow very much more smoothly which tends to create an even better relationship with our clients. Compiling your business records more frequently means that the information is up to date. This is vital for management reports. We now have systems in place that enable us to produce a cash flow report for the last two months as soon as the GST return has been completed – and the cost is minimal. Not only are your GST requirements met but helpful trading information is presented to you.

Filing requirements for PAYE must be adhered to otherwise penalties will be added by the IRD. Our Payroll systems not only take care of your payroll preparation and payment direct to your employees’ bank accounts but we also prepare all the information the IRD requires to cover off PAYE, student loan repayments, KiwiSaver deductions, KiwiSaver contributions etc. Liable Parent contributions and various Court Orders are dealt with and paid to the appropriate authorities.

We have several staff who can step in and complete this work and so if the normal staff is away (sickness, holidays etc) your work will still be done. This gives clients peace of mind because these tasks are very time sensitive. Our experience is your gain!