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Firm Profile

Koller & Company is an accountancy practice that has developed strong bonds to its clients as it works with them to develop their businesses and financial interests. Our aim is to help our clients achieve their goals.

First, this requires us to talk things through to determine what the client's goals are and then endeavour to prioritise them and attach time frames to these targets.

Secondly, appropriate financial structures are considered to determine whether a sole trader, partnership, trust or company would be the best structure, or whether several of these might be needed to achieve the best outcomes. If a company is chosen, which type of company?

To successfully run any business requires access to up-to –date financial information that is relevant to modern decision making. The data from which this information is prepared must be reliable and so our third goal is to develop a record keeping system that is simple to operate and which produces timely information with the least effort on the part of the client. In designing such systems we are extremely mindful of set up costs and the on- going maintenance. In short, it must be cost effective.

Fourthly, we must jointly decide what management reports you require to successfully run your business, the frequency of the reports and who is to prepare them.

Fifthly, it is important to act on the information. We have found that quarterly meetings with clients are an effective means of discussing the significance of the figures and how we can help shape your financial future. The frequency of the meetings depends on the circumstances and may vary from monthly to six monthly.

Finally, there are inevitably legal requirements to be met and we can outline what financial reports and returns are required. We would normally be able to complete these on your behalf although your input is often required. Between us we will ensure that the requirements are met.

Koller & Company prefer to work closely with their clients and we pride ourselves in providing customised financial services that are both appropriate and cost effective for our clients. We have applied this approach since the firm was established in 1973 and we find that it is generally well received. Our current clients include some who joined us thirty nine years ago and in a number of cases we are now working with the next generation. Central to our success is capable, qualified and pleasant staff who are enthusiastic in their work. We have been fortunate to retain people of high quality and this consistency benefits clients by providing continuity and familiarity with you and your work.

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